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Uncover the Hidden Strategies you Need to Easily Achieve Massive Credit Score Success

Chapter Break Down

For the first time, you don't have to guess or rely on your gut. You'll get clear, concise direction on the EXACT steps you need to take to create the life of your dreams finally.

Access credit techniques that are cutting-edge, insightful, and have practical applications, straight from the experts. This chapter will show you everything you’ve been missing by not having your credit at a place where lenders want to throw endless opportunities your way.

We all know credit scores to be a 3-digit number those lenders use to decide whether to lend to you or not, but what is a credit score? This chapter will teach you what credit is and how to set yourself apart on the journey to unlimited credit access.

The FICO score is one of the most critical measures of creditworthiness. This chapter will break down the numbers to help you understand what matters in your score, what the algorithm loves to see, and how to get closer to where you want to be.

Filing a dispute is a stressful process. It's essential to be well-prepared for this endeavor, and this guide has everything you need to know before you file a dispute.

There are over 3,000 data points included in your credit score, so you need to know what they are. This chapter will help you identify the most important ones and reveal the minor details that have significant impacts.

Learn the rules of the repair, how to dispute the information, and what you need to know about the credit reporting industry's secret practices-straight from those who work with creditors daily; these are the things that have proven to be the most effective steps.

Prevent the bureaus from using public records, credit inquiries, or your private to investigate your disputes. Make them work to prove you wrong in your dispute request.

Most people use templates when dealing with credit bureaus, but these templates might not be the best for your particular situation. This guide will teach you how to identify the correct template to use, how to correspond with the bureaus, and loopholes that you can use to prevent the bureaus from stalling the dispute process.

We all make mistakes, and none of us examine what credit repair is genuinely meant for - error and inaccuracy correction. This chapter discourages unethical credit practices. The problem is that some unscrupulous companies furnish data that isn’t true. Other times, the bureaus make mistakes in their reporting. Either way, you suffer. Credit repair is a means of correction-not abuse.

This chapter debunks the popular misconceptions about credit repair and shows how seemingly innocent actions can hurt your score or, even worse- land you jail time if you don’t know what you’re doing or if you try to game the system.

This chapter offers the top recommendations for rebuilding your credit and valuable resources for those looking to fix their credit.

Keeping your shiny new score in good condition takes more than just on-time payments. Read this chapter for advanced tips on maintaining your score and keeping your score going up long after the repair.

An appendix that contains 30+ customizable templates

There is a template to address all the items you’ll need to repair your credit and more! Here are some examples:

- Agreement to Settle and Remove Collections
- Account Payment Reduction Request
- Account Notice (Late) & Goodwill Adjustment
- Repayment Agreement for Verified Account
- Mailing-List Removal
- Account History Update Request
- Bankruptcy Accounts Not Verified
- Consumer Credit Statement Request
- Disputed Items Statement
- Frivolous-Letter Rejection Notice
- Additions to Credit Report for Completion
- Non-response to Deletion/Correction Letter
- Request for Corrections to Credit Report
- Request for Deletions to Credit Report
- Request for Free Annual Credit Report
- Request for Paid Credit Report
- Request for To Stop Collection Phone Calls
- Terms and Agreement for Negotiations
- Debt Validation Letter
- Credit Freeze Letters (6)
- Predacious Lending Complaint Letter
- Credit Complaint Letter
- Unauthorized Credit Inquiry Letter
- Escalation Letter to Federal Trade Commission
- Payment Agreement
- Fillable negotiation call letter

& More!

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