Nathalie Noisette Helps Women Transform Their Relationship With Money By Saving More, Making More, And Eliminating Debt.

Nathalie is a Credit Expert and Financial Strategist that has revolutionized how women confront their money. Hailed the “Credit Secret Weapon,” Nathalie has garnered a cult like following online through social media and her podcast that averages 30K listens per month. Her supporters are 70% Female and 30 % Male with a majority of their ages being between 25-55. Her growing number of supporters travel in droves towards the content she shares, and their loyalty is definite.

Nathalie lives in Charlotte, NC

Nathalie Noisette is a Financial Strategist on a mission to help shift our approach to money. The founder of Credit Conversion, Host of Mental Money, Author of Converted: Uncover The Hidden Strategies You Need To Easily Achieve Massive Credit Score Success and several children’s books. As a strategist, she has revolutionized the way we confront our money. If you listen closely, you can walk away educated and empowered.


Converted Credit by Nathalie Noisette

Note: The book “Converted” is available in Hardcover, Softcover, and as an E-book


Mental Money takes on tackling the relationship between our mindset and money. Grab a front row seat and capture some of the most unconventional ideas and approaches to money.

Interview Topics:
Highly Requested

  • Manufactured Spending: Getting Credit Card Companies To Pay You Capitalizing on your
  • Resources To Rebuild And Maintain Your Credit
  • The Basics Of Credit Repair
  •  The Mindset Required To Prepare Yourself To Enter Into An Elevated Financial State

Highly Requested

  • The Right Age To Start Building Credit 
  • Piggybacking: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly
  •  Approaching Your Credit Like A Lender
  • Till Debt Do Us Part: Income Matters When Choosing A Partner
  • Passing Down Financial Literacy ToYour Children
  •  The BenefitsOfHaving A Good Credit Score

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Nathalie Noisette Financial Strategist

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Nathalie Noisette Financial Strategist

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Nathalie Noisette Financial Strategist

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Nathalie Noisette Financial Strategist

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Nathalie Noisette Financial Strategist

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Nathalie Noisette Financial Strategist

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